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The Autonomous Manifest of Siperia

Greetings to the conference of Micronations,
from The micro-multitudes of the Social Center Siperia

We are here as a delegation of the Social Center Siperia to declare an area in the deep forests in Eastern Helsinki autonomous from the capitalist modes of production. From now on we resign all the laws, agreements and regulations made by the EU, Finnish state or Helsinki city. Our demands are those of justice, democracy and freedom, and a world containing many worlds.

The constitutive process of the Occupied Social Center Siperia began with a squatting action in October 2002 because we need a place to be free from the unequal laws, practices and continuous exploitation by state, city and capital. We know that the prevailing system can not guarantee even the basic needs of human life; food, clothes and shelter. Much further away is the possibility to live free and make decisions about our lives.

Our governance is not one of representative democracy. Instead it is a structure open to all who participate in the space we have occupied. Everyone has an equal right to take part in decision-making. We have no nationality nor citizenship; everyone who respects our principles is free to come and go without passport or any other documents.

red black and greenOur flag is a tricolour of red, black and green. The black is the colour of sorrow and remembrance, the colour of resistance against racism, sexism and homophobia. The red is the colour of blood, representing our struggle for social justice and self-governance. The green is the colour of money and weed, indeed, both of which we need. Oh yes, also of ecology and growth of a movement.

The crowbar represents self-valorization and appropriation, the methods with which we can make real the demands of the red-black-and-green. And to quote Ani diFranco: "Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right."

From now on every breach against the territory of the Occupied Social Center Siperia, for example an attempt of eviction, is considered as a declaration of hostilities on which we will answer with appropriate means.

We encourage all our comrades around the world, from Lapland to Chiapas, to struggle for autonomy, justice and freedom. We have a world to win.



ON EVERY SECOND MONDAY (May 24th...) at 18hrs House meeting. Wanna know more about Siperia or organise something in the house? Come to the meeting!

If you wish to arrange a concert, a course or a film night in Siperia, read this!

Wed 19.5. Pirate Cinema: MIGRATION & MOVEMENT. La Haine, Dirty Pretty Things, Lilja 4-ever. Free entry, movies start at 18.

Fri 21.5. Summer opening - Live @ Siperia: ELINVOIMA, ÄSSÄMIX & PAARMA. Dj's: Indigo, Mekaanikko


Sun 23.5. Squat cleaning day. Free entry, everybody welcome.

Ma 24.5.- June Two weeks of house repair and yard cleaning. Everyone is welcome to help and work for a better Siperia.

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