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R.I.P. Autonomous social centre Siperia - The struggle goes on..

Siperia was a house located in Helsinki, Finland. A "social centre" - it hosted various autonomous activities from fall 2002 to June of 2006, when the house burned down in an unknown situation. We're currently looking for new venues. The need for a social centre in Helsinki has not gone away. You can get information about current situtation in this blog. No surrender in the fight for free urban spaces..

Old stuff (<- 2006):


Pirate Cinema is returning from summer holidays 15th September, and will show 2-4 movies every Wednesday. Unlike last spring, most evenings we will show movies by certain directors. In September or October the pirates are organizing Only Anarchy Film Festival. Movies are mostly in English or include English subtitles. Movies in English will occasionally include Finnish subtitles. Movies start at 18.00 and between the movies we have a break for discussion and coffee. Caf'é is open during the shows. Programme


Trendspotting, the English-language UG-guide for the Greater Helsinki is returning from summer holidays in the beginning of September. Trendspotting keeps you updated on the best and affordable parties and other happenings.
Besides Siperia, the guide can be found at Oranssi, several galleries, small shops and gigs. You can get your events to the calendar free of charge.
By buying your event, record or exhibition low-cost graphic advertising space in Trendspotting you can however support the project. Send articles, pictures, news, story ideas and co-operation offers to Trendspotting collective at trendspotting@riseup.net


The Northernmost occupied social centre in Europe, Squat Sahara that was squatted in February in Tornio has closed down, and city workers nailed down its doors. It was impossible to organise large scale activities in the building without electricity or water, and now the squatters are looking for a space in better condition.


MayDay actions in Finland started already on 30th of April. In Helsinki a Reclaim the City parade went around partying in the city centre. April 30th is one of the biggest carnival and drinking days in Finland and precariat protestors joined the party. Photos: http://squat.net/valtaus/kuvat/mayday-rtc/
After the RTC some 150 persons left the city centre towards Käpylä suburb and squatted an empty ex-youth art club that was shut down some months ago by budget cuts of the City Council. The space is large - about 1000m2 - and inspiring, and the squatters want to set up a social center there. On 3rd of May the city asked the squatters to leave under the threat of eviction by the police. Squatters naturally refused but the house was later evicted and over 20 people arrested. Social Centre Cäpsä: http://squat.net/valtaus/capsa
In Tampere about 30 people squatted an old house the Council wanted to tear down. "Our intention is to build an open communality and a space where everyone is welcome, even people who don't have money to shop around and sit in cafes.", it says on the press release of Tampere squatters.
On 1st of May demonstrators took to the streets in Lahti, Jyväskylä and Tornio. Report of Jyväskylä MayDay party can be found in English here. www.mayday04.tk

Come and volunteer in Siperia

Siperia is always looking for volunteers from abroad to come to Helsinki. There are several projects going on in the house such as cafe, gigs, parties, workshops, renovation... If you're interested please contact ere (at) q-olio.net for more information. Accommodation for the volunteers is usually available.

Read more about Siperia and previous squats in Helsinki
The Autonomous Manifest of Siperia


9.12.03 - rgb@q-olio.net
Kemmuru Siperiassa 17.9.03 Photos from the party on 5th Dec and the march on Independence Day 6th Dec

5.12.03 - rgb@q-olio.net
Photos from Reclaim the City and the squatting action

16.10.03 - siperia-posse
1 year birthday

07.9.03 - tomppa
Photos from the gig of Velcra on 4th Sep 03

Velcra Siperiassa 4.9.03. Kuva: Tomppa


EVERY DAY struggle for autonomous spaces



Past events

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